I love teaching a variety of courses in globalization to undergraduate student both using traditional Face2Face and online instructional methods. 

My pedagogical stance reflects a combination of liberal teaching philosophy and social constructivism. The liberal education entails heavy reading of a text. For my classes, I use mostly open access materials. Research demonstrates that reading improves vocabulary and language use, which enhances critical thinking, writing, and public speaking skills. The learning goal is mastery of these premium skills with a broad knowledge of global problems and themes. 

On the other hand, I also want my students to have a ‘practical’ learning experience. The social constructionist pedagogy teaches me that learning is particularly effective when students, work together constructing and sharing something for others to experience. Therefore, I encourage students’ creative collaboration in class by using various learner-centric tools and technology available.

I believe this type of learning empowers students and better prepares them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change.


  1. International Political Economy  |syllabus|  |online|
  2. Research Method  |syllabus|  |online|
  3. Global Environmental Politics   |syllabus|   |online|
  4. Globalization and Social Change  |syllabus|   |online|
  5. Religion, Economics, and Society  |syllabus|   |online|