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An Amish man in Ohio told me they could build a rocket to the moon if they felt like it, but it was a stupid idea.

John Taylor Gatto

Welcome to my website. I am an Assistant Professor at the International Relations Study Program at the President University of Indonesia. I received my Ph.D. from the Graduate Program in International Studies (GPIS) of Old Dominion University (ODU), Norfolk, the USA under the Fulbright Scholar Program. My research interest focuses on two themes: a) of how communities respond to/reshape globalization, and b) environmental governance. Currently, I am doing research on the implementation of the Spatial Development Initiatives (SDIs) or Landscape Governance in Indonesia. At President University I enjoy teaching a variety of courses in international political economy to undergraduate students both with traditional Face2Face instructional methods and online.”

My website provides information about my research, teaching, blog posts, and social activities.

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